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Released August 2013

Released November 2015

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2017 SEPTEMBER News  

We're now going back to Destiny Studios to lay down the rhythm & lead guitar tracks so we can stay on target with a November release date of our 5th album. This album has been a year in the making - it's time! We may also have one more show this year in California.


“Since it’s impossible to know what it means when a band is referred to as “punk"—the term now being applied to pop idols like Good Charlotte—it might be better to say that the Flesh Hammers play guitar-heavy rock that is direct, loud and (usually) fast. They are a band in the tradition of ‘70s groups like the Stooges and the Dead Boys. In other words, this is not your daughter’s punk rock.”

Tim Prentiss - Reno News and Review

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Released  2009

A video from our recent Studio on 4th show

First Album  2005