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2016 News

We have recorded a rough demo of 12 new songs for our 5th album and will be going into the studio to record by summer! Started booking shows for the summer and will debut a bunch of these songs. Looking forward to hitting the road!

May 21

About The Flesh Hammers

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The Flesh Hammers fronted by enigmatic provocateur, Blackie Crabtree, are a controversial, and musically brilliant outfit who have succeeded in creating a sound all their own. The band was formed in 2003. Based in Northern Nevada, The Flesh Hammers, innovators of the "Gutter Punk" sound play throughout the western states as well as regular gigs in their favorite city away from home - San Francisco. The band unleashes rawk at the rate of submachine gun fire. Zane on lead guitar unleashes a sonic assault while Blackie, known as "The Black Thrush" on Bass and Vox, drives the songs to climax, Paula Lee on rhythm guitar and vox rocks out while Tom keeps the beat. The band's brand of "no holds barred" rawk energizes as well as stimulates the listener, mind and body. The songs are driving, witty, and heartfelt. LIVE they are a force that needs to be heard and seen to be believed. They released their first album, RIDING DIRTY in 2005. Their second album was recorded in San Francisco at Rodent Records and released in 2009 on Wondertaker Records titled, SATAN ON THE DASH. The band's third album BULLSEYE was released in August 2013. Their fourth album FASTEST BAND IN THE WEST...LIVE! was released November 2015.

Studio on 4th
432 E. Fourth Street, Reno, NV

April 22

April 22