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The Flesh Hammers are a controversial and musically brilliant outfit who have succeeded in creating a sound all their own. The band was formed in 2003 in Northern Nevada, though the band members hail from L.A., San Francisco and San Jose and are based in the San Francisco bay area. The Flesh Hammers, innovators of the "Gutter Punk" sound play throughout the western United States. The band unleashes rawk at the rate of submachine gun fire. LIVE they are a force that needs to be heard and seen to be believed! They released their first album, RIDING DIRTY in 2005. Their second album was recorded in San Francisco at Rodent Records and released in 2009 on Wondertaker Records titled, SATAN ON THE DASH. The band's 3rd album BULLSEYE was released August 2013. Their 4th album FASTEST BAND IN THE WEST...LIVE! was released November 2015. They were featured performers at the 2014 Las Vegas Music Summit, the 2015 Offbeat Festival in Reno, Nevada and were a featured band in the 2017 rockumentary movie, Music Driven (Tabrizi Productions) that was premiered across the U.S. Their 5th album CINCO was just released July 2018.